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Lawn Grubs And Pests

The Only Non Toxic Treatment for People and Pets Available

The greatest problems we have on a regular basis are lawn grubs, from mid November to the end of March. Early indications of lawn grubs are the lawns dying back combined with a red wasp the Ike Newman wasp hovering above your lawn looking for lawn grubs to lay their eggs in the lawn grub body.

The African Black beetles eat the grass roots and early signs are the lawn turning yellowish in colour before it dies back. Damage by the African Black Beetle is easily misdiagnosed as lack of water or extreme summer heat, as the Black Beetle larvae hatch throughout summer eating the roots and then the grass dies back.


Lawn Grubs

The African Black beetle is becoming a real pest over the years, the invasive beetle numbers explode in the summer during the hatching period. Treatment early to mid spring will target this pest while the females are pregnant. Tell-tale signs are the lawn turning yellow in patches where the grubs have eaten away the lawn roots this pest is easily misdiagnosed as natural die back of lawns due to hot weather and the too common saying of the African Black beetle helps to aerate lawns as they burrow through the soil has become a complete myth. 

The Lawnfeed Company only uses Acelepryn a residual treatment for lawn grubs and black beetle that lasts for up to 6 months and is non toxic, odourless and completely safe for humans and pets.

Acelepryn is not classified as hazardous.  Acelepryn is exempt from poisons scheduling with no re-entry periods ie safe during spraying to people and pets. No personal protective clothing required to operators.  No known adverse effects on non target organisms including earthworms and honeybees.

This is by way the best treatment available but for maximum effect treatment for the African black beetle should be in early spring  when the females are pregnant treatment after this cannot kill the African Black Beetle eggs. Treatment needs to be watered in for best results.