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Using the heavy duty Red Roo Lawn Aerator aeration is a must for compacted lawns. Requiring 950mm clearance and fairly level lawns this machine is a heavy duty machine with 3 choices of depth of aeration thats is a real bonus over shallow irrigation lines.

Lawn aeration is carried out to reduce compaction and to allow air and moisture to penetrate encouraging healthy root growth. Lawn aeration removes cores from the soil that are about 2 cm wide and are removed from site.

After lawn aeration lawns can be top-dressed and mixed with any additives required, now is the time to level out any lawn irregularities up to a maximum 5 cm or you will smother the lawn. When completed lawns can be over seeded if required. This is best carried out in the early growing season allowing the lawn to quickly repair it self.

Please cut lawns and water the night before aeration is completed.


Over time our lawns produce thatch which is a build up of dead matter that accumulates on the surface of the soil.

Problems caused by thatch is that it keeps air and moisture away from the root growth zone.

Excessive thatch is a great hiding place for pests and diseases.

Causes of thatch are.

  • Cutting grass without a grass catcher is the greatest offender.

  • Irregular mowing.

  • Thatch naturally occurs in high growth Bermuda Couch grass.

Thatching can lead to scalping the lawn when mowing.  If the lawn feels springy or spongy there is a excessive amount of thatch.  De- thatching is the best carried out in spring and early summer and needs a through watering in afterwards and if completed before some heavy rains the results are excellent.

After de-thatching the lawns are fertilised to help regrowth. Watering the night before stops excessive dust while operating the de-thatching machine in dry weather.

Top Dressing and Over Seeding

Top dressing helps to break down thatch and fills aeration core holes and can level the surface of the lawn of any small irregularities.  Top dressing can then be over seeded to cover up any bare patches of lawn.  This is best carried from spring to late summer early autumn during the growing season for quick recovery.

One very common complaint from customers is the lack of top soil laid before turfing with some builders and landscapers not giving the bare minimum soil required resulting in customers then spending hours trying to irrigate their lawns that contain sometimes 10 -15 mm of top soil.  Top dressing can be a very cheap solution with great results achieved.